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Ya[1] RAFIC[2] was released by the Khomeinist activist Ebrahim of Radio Rahim on July 18, 2010.

The lyrics


Let this message circulate in your system increase your heart rate
Take a second for vertebrates to listen, start to concentrate
It’s not shocking how their locking up
Anyone who conversate
About freedom and justice the concepts of Ahlul-Bayt[3]
America a nation born from slavery and immigration
But loves to label minorities with racist discrimination
Because we’re from a country of oppressed yearning for liberation
The White House shuts the lights out
This global plantation
That’s why I stay vocal, I’m hopeful
About this generation
It’s just a matter of time before a total end to humiliation
Dirty crimes and an illegal occupation
There design to keep your mind in feeble desperation
I breathe mediation baynol haramain[4] inspiration
From Able and Cain todays the same situation
I am stable with a brain filled with heavenly information
The forgiveness I gain through Dua Kumail[5] recitation
So if you lock me in chains o’ well, I’ll gain salvation
Destroy Shaytans[6] temptation and use the prison[7] walls navigation
To enter the halls Karbala[8] the destination
Like Imam Khomeini standing tall against Great Satan[9]

Ya Rafic, we hear the peace you speak
Yo bro, we know their[10] goal is to oppress the weak
You’ve been blessed with the belief
So they stress your every speech
Yo bro, we know the victory is within reach

Malicious prosecution
Baseless racist devilution
This ain’t embarrassing
A Lebanese American Community leader, father, good Samaritan
Building unity amongst Muslims, Christians, peace believers
They demonize him, terrorize him
With lies that’s deceivers
But it’s no surprise when
They did it to Seyed[11] at Masjid Nabi[12]
Credit card fraud[13], just a front sadly
They concoct up a story
So-called plots and schemes
Without any evidence
They make up a lot of things
We ain’t scared of your threats
Yet you have no answer for our questions
Why did American jets drop bombs on Shia’s in Yemen?[14]
We believe there is Heaven
Not for those who lie and kill
You try and force a confession
And justify a security bill
That why he stands with pride
With peace inside nothing to conceal
In front a person who made a deal, paid as a witness
LA Persians are the first in false testimony business
The ones who burned the Quran on Ashura[15] last Christmas
They a mission, I know why they mad at me
Saying they don’t hate our religion just waalayati-faqi[16]
Well the Ahlul-Bayt is our tradition not a usurped country

Ya Rafic, we hear the peace you speak
Yo bro, we know their[10] goal is to oppress the weak
You’ve been blessed with the belief
So they stress your every speech
Yo bro, we know the victory is within reach

Yo I am not at all afraid to stand up and tell the truth
They make a raid to put me in a cell without any proof or offense
Fox News says I am a terrorist to supply suspense
Hence they’re for freedom of speech
Don’t believe a snake tongue behind white teeth
They the fake ones trying to change who you are
Selling you bizarre MTV garbage then blocking Al-Manar[17]
They hold your soul hostage stripping off the crescent and the star
My rhymes are a weapon like Bob Marley playing the guitar
Sisters they want you to trade your modesty for a cash bar
Honestly hijab holds it down like Malik Ashtar[18] (ra)[19]
Therefore they make fitna[20] between us to thrash who we are
We respect all our leaders Sistani and the Rahbar[21]
For that they’ll probably kill me and say I was driving in a fast car
Like Shaheed[22] Agnelli[23]
San Jose to New Delhi
We’re in fabric of this society
That’s why I am not talking quietly
Again for clarity, I am only standing tall
In solidarity with my friend
Because together we fall

Ya Rafic, we hear the peace you speak
Yo bro, we know their[10] goal is to oppress the weak
You’ve been blessed with the belief
So they stress your every speech
Yo bro, we know the victory is within reach

Edoardo Agnelli

Ya RAFIC notes

  1. Ya is Arabic for O (Arabic: يا)
  2. RAFIC is Rafic M. Labboun (Arabic: رفيق لبّون): A Hezbollah cadre, a SABA Mosque imam, and a convicted felon. Ya RAFIC was produced by Ebrahim of Radio Rahim/BornePhoenix
  3. Ahlul-Bayt (Arabic: أهل البيت) are the Holy Family of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH&HF.
  4. Baynol haramain is Arabic for "between the two holy sanctuaries" (Arabic: بين الحرمين). In this particular case, the author of the song is referring to the shrines of Imam al-Hussein, PBUH, and the shrine of Abu al-Fadhl al-Abbas, PBUH, which are nearby each other in Karbala, Iraq.
  5. Dua Kumail (Arabic: دعاء كميل) is a supplication invoked by the Shia-Muslims on Thursdays at night and also during the night of the 15th of Shaaban, which is an Arabic lunar month.
  6. Shaytan is Arabic for Satan (Arabic: شيطان) or the devil.
  7. The convicted felon Rafic M. Labboun is serving his sentence at USP Lompoc in California.
  8. Karabala (Arabic: كربلاء) is where Imam al-Hussein, PBUH, grandson of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH&HF, was martyred and buried.
  9. Iranian extremist Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini labeled the United States of America as the "Great Satan."
  10. 10.0 10.1 10.2 Here is the author of the song is referring to the United States Government, particularly the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  11. Seyed is Seyed Mahmood Mousavi, a Khomeinist of Iranian origin and a convicted criminal. He is based in the Los Angeles Area in Southern California.
  12. Masjid al-Nabi (Arabic: مسجد النبي) is a Khomeinist mosque located in West Covina, California.
  13. Rafic M. Labboun was prosecuted for his involvement in credit card fraud. On April 1, 2010, he was found guilty on seven counts of credit card fraud by a Federal Grand Jury.
  14. What do the alleged events in Yemen have to do with the arrest and trial of Rafic M. Labboun?
  15. Ashura (Arabic: عاشوراء) is the tenth day of the Arabic lunar month Muharram al-Haram. On this day, the armies of Omayyad Caliph Yazid ibn Muawiya murdered al-Husayn, PBUH, the grand son of Prophet Muhammad, PBUH&HF.
  16. Absolute Velayat-e Faqih is a doctrine that calls for guardianship of the Shia clerics over the peoples and the state.
  17. Al-Manar (Arabic: المنار) is the TV station operated by the terrorist organization Hezbollah, which is funded, armed, trained, and controlled by the Khomeinist Iranian regime.
  18. Malik al-Ashtar (Arabic: مالك الأشتر) is one of the companions of the Imam and Caliph Ali ibn Abi Taleb. Al-Ashtar commanded the armies of Imam Ali. Al-Ashtar is believed to have reached the 9th degree of iman (Arabic for faith). The degrees of faith are believed to be 10.
  19. RA is an acronym for radhiya Allah an'hu (Arabic: رضي الله عنه): May God be satisfied with him.
  20. Fitna is Arabic for incited strife (Arabic: فتنة).
  21. The Rahbar is Iranian Supreme Leader the Rahbar. Rahbar is Persian for leader.
  22. Shaheed is Arabic for martyr (Arabic: شهيد).
  23. Agnelli is Edoardo Agnelli, the son of Italian industrialist and manufacturer of the Fiat vehicles Gianni Agnelli. Edoardo Agnelli may have converted to Shia Islam. He died tragically on November 15, 2000, at the young age of 46. His death was ruled a suicide by the Italian police. Some members of the Khomeinist community disputed the findings of the Italian investigators and theorized that Agnelli was "executed" by unknown Zionist conspirators to prevent him from inheriting his father.

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