Hezbollah Sleeper Terror Cells Questions and Answers

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
أهلا وسهلا بكم في المركز الإسلامي لمكافحة الإرهاب™
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Q: Are there anti-American Hezbollah terrorist Sleeper Cells in America?

Template:Hezbollah USA A: Yes, there are plenty of Hezbollah (Arabic: "حزب الله") terrorist Sleeper Cells in the United States. They are saturated throughout the country. They are considered to be the strategic Long Arm of the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime of Iran and its Lebanon-based international terror organization Hezbollah.

Q: What is the mission of the Hezbollah terrorist Sleeper Cells in the United States of America?

Template:Mohamad Ali El Husseini 2 A: The mission of Hezbollah in America is to engage in pro-Absolute Velayat-e Faqih (Arabic: ولاية الفقيه) indoctrination, political infiltration at all possible levels, intelligence gathering, industrial espionage, technology transfer to Iran, and fund-raising. But most importantly, they seek to keep tight control over the domestic Shia-Muslim society, especially the Lebanese-Shia community. Their purpose is to prevent the emergence of any Shia political personality or entity that has not been cleared and authorized by their masters in Tehran, Iran, or Dahieh (South Beirut. Arabic: الضاحية), Lebanon. Indeed, the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime and its creature, Hezbollah, are recognized as highly insecure totalitarian entities (Arabic: الكيانات الشمولية) who cannot tolerate alternative views or independent activists: Representing Islam is theirs and theirs alone.

Q: Who controls the U.S.-based Hezbollah terrorist Sleeper Cells?

إمام مركز سابا المجرم المدان رفيق لبّون

A: They are controlled by senior Hezbollah operatives such as Rafic M. Labboun.

Q: Are the Hezbollah terrorist Sleeper Cells dangerous? Do they threaten U.S. national security?

Template:Hezbollah Terrorists 2 A: Of course the Hezbollah terrorist Sleeper Cells are dangerous to U.S. national security, but they do not have orders to engage in violent acts. These terror operatives are tightly controlled by the cautious Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime of Iran. They do not necessarily act on their own; hence, whether or not they will engage in violence is up to their masters in Tehran, Iran, and Dahieh (the slums south of Beirut), Lebanon.

Q: Do the U.S.-based Hezbollah terrorist Sleeper Cells engage in espionage?

Template:Are we watching them A: Most certainly. The America-based members of Hezbollah engage in all sorts of espionage, including industrial espionage. They act as mukhabarat (Arabic: مخابرات) spies and especially track the activities and lives of other members of the local Lebanese-American Shia community and send reports with subjective allegations and distorted conclusions back to their handlers in Dahieh (the slums to the south of Beirut), Lebanon.

Q: You stated that Hezbollah operatives write reports with "subjective allegations." Can you elaborate on that?

Template:Hyenas bonding A: Surely. Hezbollah has shamelessly fostered a culture of xenophobia and paranoia among the Khomeinists and converted its adherents into a massive world-wide network of dangerous double-faced power-hungry and power-lustful informants. Hence, every Hezbollah member or supporter feels that he, or she, is embarked on an important and challenging security mission to prevent both real and imagined infiltration of their ranks. These are not professional security or intel personnel who are held accountable for any misdeeds; they are mainly eager bitterness-filled egotistic zealots seeking to look good and be part of the so-called "Resistance" pack. (Think hyena or wolf bonding stemming from common fears and hatreds.) This is indeed a case of mass-mania a la Nazi style.

عناصر "حزب الله" مصابين بحالة إنفصام شخصية جماعيّة!

للأسف، لقد تمّ غسل أدمغة عناصر ومؤيدي "حزب الله" من قبل قادتهم وملاليهم ليظنوا، أو بالأحرى، ليسيئوا الظن بالناس ويتوهموا أن كل ما هو مختلف عنهم هو عميل صهيوني أو أمريكي أو خليجي، إلى آخره، يحاول إختراق صفوفهم "المرصوصة"... وهذا ليس فقظ من دواعي جبنهم وأنانيتهم وحبّهم للدنيا على حساب غيرهم من الناس، ولكن من منتوج خيار إستراتيجي إتخذه منظّري هذا الكيان الشيطاني ليحكموا سيطرتهم على همج ورعاع المجتمع الشيعي في لبنان وتنفيذا لسياسة السيطرة بالتخويف والهلع وتطبيقا للمبدأ الإبليسي "من ليس منّا فنحن ضدّه": فالشيعي التقليدي لا-ثوري يريد إرجاع الشيعة إلى الوراء، إلى زمن "الإقطاعية السياسية البغيضة؛" والسني "على غير مذهبي" يريد الإستخفاف بي وحرماني من حقوقي السياسية؛ والنصراني "على غير ملّتي" يريد إستعبادي وتحويلي إلى بواب في مؤسسات "الدولة المارونية؛" وهلمّ جرى... طبعا واقع الحال مختلف، فالإقطاعية السياسية قد إنتهت ولا يمكن العودة إليها لأن أراضي الشيعة لم تعد مملوكة من قبل إقطاعيين وصار معظم ملاكها من الشيعة المغتربين في أفريقيا وأمريكا وأوستراليا، إلخ؛ و أهل السنة والنصارى ليسوا بوارد حرمان الشيعة من حقوقهم السياسية لأن تركيبة لبنان الإجتماعية اليوم مختلفة جدا عمّا كانت عليه خلال العهدين العثماني والفرنسي: فالشيعي إنتقل من قرى الجبال المعزولة واستوطن في العاصمة بيروت و ترك زراعة التبغ ورعاية الأغنام ونشط سياسيا وصار حضوره في الصرح الحكومي دائم والواقع هو أنه لا يمكن تجاهل من هو موجود على الأرض... ولكن لما لا يظهر منظري ومنافقي حزب ولاية الفقيه في لبنان الحقيقة لعامة الناس؟ لما لا يقولون لهم أنه ليس هنالك خطر على شيعة لبنان لا من إسرائيل ولا من السنة ولا من النصارى اللبنانيين؟ الحقيقة هي أن نظام ولاية الفقيه في إيران يصارع أمريكا لينمو من خلال هذا الصراع مع الدولة الأولى إلى مستواها السياسي والعسكري ويهددها بعدم مهاجمته عسكريا تحت طائلة ضرب 'إسرائيل'-الولاية-الأميريكية-الحادية-والخمسون وقلب الأنظمة العربية وإشعال المنطقة وقطع تدفق النفط إلى الأسواق العالمية ولهذا السبب سلّح وموّل شيعة لبنان وفلسطينيو غزّة من قبل نظام فتنة بدعة ولاية الفقيه في إيران...

Q: Do the U.S.-based Hezbollah Sleeper Cells engage in indoctrination activities?

Template:Sassanid Empire A: Absolutely. The primary mission of Hezbollah is to convert as many people as possible to the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih strain of Shia-Islam (an newly-invented offshoot of Shia Islam created with so-called "Clean Money" (Arabic: "المال النظيف". Transliteration: "al-Maal an-Nazif") and "Pure Money" (Arabic: "المال الطاهر". Transliteration: "al-Maal at-Taher") or at least foster sympathy for the Faqihi Neo-Persian Imperialistic Project (Arabic: مشروع الإمبريالية الفارسية المتجدد). The aim here is to revive the old Persian empire (that once dominated Mesopotamia (i.e., modern Iraq), the western and southern shores of the Arabian Peninsula, the Levant, Egypt, Central Asia, the Caucasus, Asia Minor, Afghanistan, and the northwestern end of the Indian subcontinent) and control the Islamic World, the oil wells of the Arabian Gulf (aka Persian Gulf), and hence the whole World.

Q: These former Sassanid empire countries are too many to be swallowed by the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime (VFR)! Does VFR have the capacity to invade them?

"إلهي، إلهي، إحفظ لنا خميني، حتى ظهور المهدي"

"Ilahi, Ilahi, ihfaz lana Khomeini, hatta zohour el Mahdi!"
O my God (Ilahi), o my God (Ilahi),
Preserve for us Khomeini,
Until the appearance of Mahdi!

This was the song and prayer-line of the Hezbollah mobs in Lebanon in the 1980's. Alas, God did not "preserve for us Khomeini until the appearance of Mahdi," PBUH&HF, for the hostage-taker had died in 1989. Instead we got a vicious mean-spirited "Vice Mahdi" named Ali Khamenei. Indeed, may God hasten the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, PBUH&HF, to save us from the tyranny of Khamenei and terrorism of Hezbollah!

A: Upon the success of the so-called "Islamic Revolution" in 1979, Imam Khomeini went on to make his famous call for the establishment of the "Twenty-Million-Man Army" (Arabic: "جيش العشرين مليون"), by far the World's largest and most fanatic military force. Might you wonder: Why so many "holy" soldiers? It is important to remain present to the fact that the Supreme Leader of Iran, a modern-times Shahenshah, is first and foremost the Vali e Faqih (Farsi: ولي فقيه), a man holding absolute rule over mankind as a representative of God on Earth and the self-appointed Vice-Mahdi (Arabic: "نائب الإمام المهدي")! Velayat recognizes no jurisdiction other than that of its own: The whole world is its jurisdiction! Hence, in 1988, Imam Khomeini issues a highly publicised fatwa (Arabic for religious edict. Arabic: فتوى) calling for the killing of the Satanic British author Salman Rushdie (لعنه الله) wherever he is found. The fatwa was merely an exercise of power designed to stress the World-wide jurisdiction of Velayat, for instead of eliminating the Satanic Rushdie (لعنه الله), it made him very famous, very rich, and highly protected (but not from the Hand of God). From an Islamic perspective, it is rational to think that the best way to deal with the Rushdie Issue was to ignore him and his filthy book or issue some sort of a clandestine fatwa against him. Indeed, we believe that the best way to respond to any controversial book is with a book or rather books, many, many books, to discredit falsity. However, Ayatollah Khomeini was aiming far higher than little Rushdie (لعنه الله): He wanted to send a message to the Arab and Islamic Streets, from Morocco to western China and from Kazakhstan to Nigeria that he is the boss of the Islamic Ummah (Arabic for Nation. Arabic: الأمة الإسلامية) as he is the one and only one who can "stand-up" to the powerful and colonial West and publicly issue open fatwas calling for the killing of Western citizens in their home countries. It was a final message of defiance from a frustrated and dying old man after Velayat's defeat in the Iran-Iraq war of 1980-1988. Fast-forward 14 years in time since the Rushdie fatwa: After 9/11, too many Western and other authors were busy attacking Islam and the Muslims but no one dared to stop them! Imam Khomeini's infamous fatwa did not deter any of them, but instead was making them hopeful of Rushdie-like fame, wealth, and protection -- think private armed bodyguards paid for by the state!

Q: You have implied that Imam Khomeini died frustrated? Is there evidence to this extent?

A: Well, there are the very words of the departed Imam (Khomeini). In 1988, upon agreeing to halt the Iran-Iraq War, Ayatollah Khomeini proclaimed "I accept this ceasefire as though I am drinking from the poisoned chalice." However, the deeply-Irfani Imam added "I submitted myself to God's will and drank this drink for his satisfaction." A year later, in 1998, the Imam died from illness.

Q: What has prevented the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime from realizing its aims so far?

Template:Velayat Coat of Arms A: In the 1980's, the World's major powers, the Arabian Gulf countries, and other states teamed-up with the Baathi Regime of war criminal Saddam Hussein to confront and contain the Velayat-e Faqhi Regime of Iran. In the past decade, the United States has encircled Iran by stationing its troops in all countries bordering Iran and its navy in the Arabian Gulf and Arabian Sea. This has so far guaranteed the continuous flow of oil through the Strait of Hormoz and prevented Iran from taking the whole World hostage and slave to its dominion and totalitarian whims. Indeed, should the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime manage to control the oil fields of the Middle East, it will bring the World's economy to a total halt and cause a collapse of modern civilization. The World cannot take chances with this abnormal violent-minded Nazi-like manipulative regime.

Q: Do the U.S.-based Hezbollah terrorist Sleeper Cells and Iranian Intelligence members cooperate?

A: Absolutely! In essence, they are one and the same. The Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime (VFR) created Hezbollah in Lebanon in 1982 and financed it with so-called "Clean Money." The difference is that Hezbollah operatives are Lebanese citizens and their ethnicity is Arab while the members of the Iranian intel community (known as VEVAK) belong to the various Iranian ethnic groups, such as Persian and Azeri, etc. The native language of the Hezbollah operatives is Arabic; the official and main language in Iran is Farsi. VFR does use Hezbollah to infiltrate the Arab society and the Arab World. VFR also takes advantage of the capabilities of the Hezbollah-infested Lebanese communities of West Africa, South America (especially Brazil), North America, Australia, and Europe.

Q: What is the long-term damage created by the presence of Hezbollah and pro-Absolute Velayat-e Faqih terror operatives on U.S. soil?

Template:Fifth Column A: While in the United States, Hezbollah and pro-Absolute Velayat-e Faqih operatives go out of their way to reproduce here, as their U.S.-born sons and daughters are by law automatically U.S. citizens. Unlike naturalized U.S. citizens, the American passport of these U.S.-born children carries the name of a U.S. city or town as their birth place. When the foreign parents of these kids leave the country, they leave with them. These "American" kids are raised with anti-American values while carrying American passports. When they reach adulthood, upon orders from the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime and/or Hezbollah, they can use their U.S. passports to travel with ease to Western countries and engage in unfriendly activities or to return the U.S. and haunt us here. I classify this as Legal Loop-hole Infiltration (Arabic: الإختراق بالثغرة القانونية). These "American" kids along with the domestic Khomeinist converts (which include African-Americans, Arabs, Jews, Latinos, Whites, and others) are the long-term strategic weapon of the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime. They enter into American society in the Trojan Horse of Work and infiltrate it as a Fifth Column. So much for the immigration policies of America!

Q: What are the other strategic methodologies employed by Hezbollah to penetrate foreign societies?

A: Hezbollah also encourages its male followers to marry foreign women, both Muslim and non-Muslim, as the best means for penetrating and gluing themselves to other societies and through reproduction (or insemination) establishing a permanent biological connection with them! I classify this method as Bio-infiltration (Arabic: الإختراق الحيوي) or Organic Infiltration (Arabic: الإختراق العضوي). Hence, there are members of 'Ummat Hezbollah' (Arabic for Nation of Hezbollah. Arabic: 'أمة حزب الله') who look Germanic, or Asian, or African, or Latino, etc! Absolute Velayat-e Faqih and Hezbollah are by no means ragtag terrorist entities. They attempt to plan carefully for the long-term; however, they have too many flaws as well, which makes it possible and easy for those who can detect and comprehend them to unravel their schemes. The Achilles' Heel of Hezbollah and Velayat includes lack of foresight, over-zealotry, uncontrolled insecurity, over-suspicion to the level of cowardice, and arrogance-driven acidic bitterness of the type that destroys its own container. The key to "skinning" Hezbollah is not military hardware, but instead tearing apart its flawed and false invented ideology (Arabic: بدعة. Transliteration: bid'aah), something that can be done by only devout Shiite-Muslims who are indeed ever truly loyal first and foremost to God and al-Imam al-Mahdi, Peace be upon him and his forefathers.

Q: You have stated "skinning" between double-quotes. Why?

Template:Hezbollah Robots A: The Secretary General of Hezbollah has recently stated that the "skin of Hezbollah cannot be peeled-off" and that "Hezbollah was born with "Victory" stamped on its forehead." We sincerely believe that the skin of the hearts of the ideologues and demagogues of Hezbollah can be peeled-off with only thoughts alone. (Rogue yet potent religious ideologies cannot be necessarily defeated solely on the battlefields of the material dimension; they almost always have to be conquered in the intellectual realms first.) We also sincerely believe that defeat is something that everyone tastes in life -- defeat is indeed part of the human experience -- unless Sayyed Hassan can confirm the overwhelming suspicions that his followers are mostly lifeless robots or zombies controlled by takleef shar'i (Arabic for religious obligations. Arabic: تكليف شرعي) and deprived of empathy (Arabic: عديمي الإحساس). (Unlike Hezbollah, America had the courage to admit and accept its defeat in the Vietnam War, which makes her humble and beautiful. And its people are independent thinkers, not controlled by takleef shar'i) So, we do expect Hezbollah to experience more defeats after its failure in its 2006 war with Israel.

Q: But even Israel had admitted defeat in the 2006 War! How can you say that Hezbollah had "failed?"

Template:Israeli position inside Lebanon A: I have been once told about the story of an English nobleman who had an unfortunate encounter with a lowly thug, whereby the latter insulted and slapped the gentleman. The reaction of the nobleman to the assault was most bizarre: Instead of drawing-out his handgun, he pulled a pound sterling from his purse and handed it to the ruffian! Having received an appeasing payment for his lawlessness, the bully felt emboldened by his misdeed and assaulted yet another citizen, who pulled his pistol and shot the thug to death. The nobleman, having witnessed that, looked onto his companions and said: "The sterling has killed him." In 2006, Israel and numerous others were interested in destroying the two most valuable assets of an increasingly-arrogant Hezbollah: Its shinny image in the Arab and Islamic Worlds and its support among the general Lebanese population. So on July 12, 2006, on foolish and selfish orders from Hassan Nasrallah and at the height of Lebanon's revenue-generating tourism season, a Hezbollah commando unit attacked an Israeli patrol behind the international Blue Line separating Lebanon from "Israel-proper," killing several IDF soldiers and capturing two dead bodies. Israel reacted, or rather over-reacted, to the event very harshly by obliterating much of Dahieh (the Hezbollah stronghold south of Beirut) and destroying dozens of Hezbollah-infested Shia villages throughout Lebanon. The Israeli Government injected its troops and tanks into South Lebanon and kept an orgy of destruction going on for 33 days until Hezbollah agreed to unconditionally hand-over control of the Lebanese area bordering Israel to the Lebanese Army and non-Muslim NATO Western troops. (By the way, ever since, Hezbollah has never attacked Israel again, even after the top military commander of the "Islamic Resistance," Imad Mughniyah (Arabic: عماد مغنية), was assassinated in Damascus, Syria, on February 12, 2008, presumably by the Mossad.) Hence, Hezbollah was shocked, cowed, and defeated! But, the Israeli government handed Hezbollah a pound sterling (or rather a sheqel (Hebrew: ???)): It humbly told the World that it is it, Israel, that was defeated and that Nasrallah and his beaten "Men of God" (Arabic: "رجال الله". Transliteration: "Rijal-o-Llah") are the ones who have won the war! Nasrallah immediately felt emboldened and started holding victory rallies among a population that has been devastated, impoverished, and literally sickened by the unexpected, unnecessary, and unwanted war. Facing opposition from the angry pro-independence Lebanese, Nasrallah then ordered his payrolled "holy zombies" and "pure robots" to occupy Downtown Beirut for one and a half years, killing commerce in the heart of the capital city and another summer-time tourism season as well (in 2007). Finally, on May 7, 2008, Sayyed Hassan ordered his "Holy Warriors" to overrun the Sunni neighborhoods of Beirut and invade the Druze villages of Mount Lebanon. With all his post-2006 War "victories" over his fellow Muslim-Lebanese, Nasrallah sacrificed the reputation and support of his terror organization on the altar of the Israeli government's sheqels and sterlings of 'victory'! Ehud Olmert may be sick and perhaps dying but while Hezbollah members were distributing triumph sweets in the ruins of Dahieh he must have looked onto his fellow Jews and said: "The sheqel of 'victory' has killed Nasrallah!" Indeed, if Sayyed Hassan had been told that he had lost the war, he would have shrunk into himself and left his fellow Lebanese citizens alone. Did you guys in amn al-hizb in Dahieh get it? You've been had!

Q: Who is to blame for the presence and rapid proliferation of Hezbollah and Absolute Velayat-e Faqih terror operatives in the United States?

A: First and foremost, the American people are to blame, as they are too preoccupied with running their daily lives and neglect to look into their backyards and invest some time to learn about what is going in the communities connected with and influenced by the alien, anti-American, and deadly Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime. Second, is the legislative branch of government who is too blind to foresee the long-term threat created by the presence of such rogue elements on American soil. The American people must rally their representatives and congressmen to enact legislation that limits the damage brought about by anti-America elements of both domestic and foreign origins. Finally, local government must work more closely with the Department Homeland Security (DHS) to develop better understanding about the risky communities that has developed within our system. It is important to note that the national and local press can do much more to investigate and cover dangerous and rogue communities and expose the lurking culprits who seek to undermine our security and interests.

Q: What is the level of support for Absolute Velayat-e Faqih in the Muslim community?

A: There are two main branches of Islam: Sunni (Arabic: السنّة), the majority (~85%), and Shia (Arabic: الشيعة), the minority (~15%). Absolute Velayat-e Faqih (as a political system) is an invented concept (Arabic: بدعة) that has emerged among some of the Shiites; hence, it does not have support among the Sunni-Muslims. But even among the Shia, Absolute Velayat-e Faqih is rarely properly or completely understood outside of the scholarly circles. Indeed, too many Shiites, especially the youths, follow it because it is very well marketed by the Khomeinists clergymen graduating from the seminaries of Qum (asa Qom, Kom, Kum. Farsi: قم), Iran. Its real promise is collective and personal worldly empowerment. The Vali e Faqih (Farsi: ولي فقيه), being the self-appointed Supreme Leader of the Muslim Ummah (Arabic for nation. Arabic: الأمّة) brings together the Muslims (realistically the Khomeinists) as a unified mega force that can overcome the real or imagined oppression and persecution imposed on them by the traditional Shia feudal class, the Sunnis, the Christians, the Jews, etc. In essence, the adherents of Absolute Velayat-e Faqih long to belong to a powerful, organized, and unified group that provides them with a meaningful identity that transcends the limitations in their daily lives such as social status, poverty, etc. They gain a sense of being on a higher mission that keeps them upbeat and high and always looking forward to the next meeting, rally, U.S.-flag-burning ceremony, or war! These are the classic adrenaline addicts -- practicing a sort of a socially-acceptable drug addiction. By the way, this is not without tragic consequences: Recently, an over-excited young Hezbollah fighter shot-down a Lebanese Army helicopter and killed its pilot, an officer, above Mount Sojod, Jabal Amel. The co-pilot, also an army officer, was then apprehended and beaten-up by a squad of Hezbollah "Men of God." Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah personally admitted that the killer was "excited;" in other words, he was trigger-happy. Thank you Sayyed Hassan for admitting the truth for once -- that your "Men of God" can err -- but please bring down a notch the adrenaline level among the mobs and the "Lions."

Q: Do the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih regime loyalists consist of only Khomeinists or do they include the followers of other top Shia scholars?

A: The followers of Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime include both Shiites who rely on the Vali e Faqih Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (or the late Ayatollah Khomeini) for jurisprudence and Shiites who rely on other top Ayatollahs. In other words, one could be an "imitator" (i.e., religious follower) of Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Bahjat (Arabic: آية الله الشيخ محمد تقي بهجت) and a believer and dedicated follower of Absolute Velayat-e Faqih at the same time. Fellowship and loyalty to the concept of Absolute Velayat-e Faqih does not require relying on only and exactly the Vali e Faqih (i.e., the Supreme Leader of the "Islamic Revolution" Ayatollah Ali Khamenei) for jurisprudence and "imitation." For instance, there are Hezbollah members who "imitate" Ayatollah Ali Sistani (Arabic: آية الله السيد علي سيستاني) or Ayatollah Muhammad Hussein Fadlullah (Arabic: آية الله السيد محمد حسين فضل الله) because they consider them to be the most knowledgeable in fiqh (Arabic for jurisprudence. Arabic: فقه). Hence, we can say that all those who rely on the Vali e Faqih Ali Khamenei for jurisprudence are indeed certainly Khomeinists. However, those who choose to "imitate" the top Shia scholars who reject or dispute the concept of Absolute Velayat-e Faqih, may or may not be Faqihis, for Absolute Velayat-e Faqih is more about political, governmental, and military control than about edicts related to traditional non-political jurisprudence issues such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, and sex.

Q: So if Absolute Velayat-e Faqih has the premise of empowering the Faqihi-Shiites, why should they oppose it?

A: This is a fair question that the followers of Absolute Velayat-e Faqih should pose. The answer and conclusions are fortunately very brief: What has Absolute Velayat-e Faqih achieved? Since 1979, the year when Imam Khomeini established the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime in Iran, the Islamic World became more divided along sectarian lines; the Shiite community of Iraq suffered tremendous losses and experienced unimaginable suffering; the historic and renowned Shia seminaries of Najaf, Iraq, have declined to the benefit of the rogue and totalitarian ones in Qum, Iran; the Faqihis of Lebanon have managed to alienate the Shia community from the majority of their Sunni countrymen, and by extension, the Sunni World; although self-sufficient in some ways, Faqihi-Iran continues to live under increasing sanctions as a hated pariah trouble-making nation; threatened by the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime, the Arab countries neighboring Iran have resorted to the foreign U.S. military for their security. Many people would certainly agree that Absolute Velayat-e Faqih, being the absolute rule of a fallible man (as opposed to the End-times rule of the Infallible Mahdi, Peace be upon him and his forefathers, who is guided directly by God) has invited more trouble (including U.S. Navy "Great Satan" warships patrolling the waters of the Arabian Gulf) than good. Indeed, some thirty years after the so-called "Islamic Revolution" too many Iranian youths are too preoccupied with drugs and have little interest in Islamic devoutness! Yet some Faqihis want to call the Revolution a success because it was able to manufacture "holy" missiles and put much of the small Shia population of Lebanon on a payroll of "Clean Money" as Faqihi Hezbollah fighters who have succeeded to tear the country along sectarian lines? Whatever it may have achieved, Absolute Velayat-e Faqih has been a worldly fitnah (Arabic for discordance. Arabic: فتنة) and a cause for strife and suffering more than anything else, for it is founded on the falsity of the possibility to place a limited and fallible man as an absolute ruler -- a position reserved by God for only the infallible!

Q: Why do the followers of Absolute Velayat-e Faqih burn and stomp on the U.S. flag while shouting "Death to America?"

Template:Hassan Nasrallah A: The answer to this question is surprisingly quite simple: It makes them feel good and "powerful" to do so. Indeed, America, being the Superpower, is a symbol of power and prestige and only the powerful can take on it. Hence, the mobs of Tehran, Iran, and Dahieh, Lebanon, always welcome an opportunity to participate in an orgy of chanting and shouting while raising their fists above their heads: When done collectively, by hundred of thousands of participants, the adrenaline runs high, too high, and the crowds, maestro'ed by cult figures such Ali Khamenei (the Grand Ayatollah and Vali e Faqih), Hassan Nasrallah (the Secretary General of Hezbollah), and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (the ultimate demagogue of Iran) feel ecstatic and restless. They get worked-up real well by the leaders of the unholy ritual and feel ready to storm into enemy positions, opposition strongholds (such as the Sunni neighborhoods of Beirut or Druze villages of Mount Lebanon), and of course the usual target of preference, the American Embassy: Hey only the "powerful" can take on the powerful! Indeed, Imam Ali bin Abi Taleb, PBUH&HF, had said: "People are three types: A scholar in the way of the Lord, a learned man who seeks salvation, and riffraff mobs that croak with every croaker and drift with every wind ..." So the mobs in Tehran, the slums of Dahieh, and other places are large and eager and always ready to croak with their master crows "Death to America, Death to America ..." where they have millions of thriving brothers, sisters, and cousins. (Indeed, there are at least seven million Muslims in the United States.)

Q: Is there is a single known Hadith (narration) attributed to Prophet Muhammad, PBUH&HF, or Ahlulbait, PBUT, in which they chanted "Death to <some-nation>"?

A: No, these are noble people and open mercy to mankind. They have never called for the annihilation of an entire nation or country. To the contrary, all Shia-Muslims (authentic and Khomeinists as well) believe that Imam Ali, PBUH&HF, is in fact more gracious than the very gracious Prophet Noah because he did not curse his own people after they went astray. Besides, whoever works the crowds to chant "Death to America" is no doubt a fool and an idiot because its death is also the death of not only millions of innocent American babies and children, but also the decline and death of the nations of the World. Only the ignorant has not noticed that whenever the American economy goes down the World economy takes a dive with it. If America is annihilated like some merciless dark hearts wish, the World will starve to death; the World will fall in sickness to death; the nations of the Earth will tear the flesh of each other. Yet, what will happen if one day we wake-up to hear, * * * God forbid * * *, that God has struck Iran with a massive earthquake and the Earth has swallowed the entire Iranian Plateau (minus the Holy Shrines)? Hmm, the price of oil will go up for a few weeks, saffron will become hard to find (we will have to make do with the lesser quality Spanish saffron), Persian carpets will become treasures (Pakistani and Central-Asian carpets are the best alternatives), the power-hungry blood-lusting troublemakers of Qum will become a miserable rarity (unfortunately, there is no alternative to them), and Hezbollah will run out of "Clean Money" and new "Holy Missiles" ("unpure" Russian and North Korean missiles are an alternative for the narcissistic organization). The good news: No one on Earth will starve and the constant threat of war in the Arabian Gulf and Lebanon will simply vanish! Ah, and without "Pure Money," Hezbollah will turn to open banditry to feed its brave militants!

Q: You stated "Hezbollah will turn to open banditry." Is Hezbollah currently engaged in some sort of covert banditry?

Template:Clean Money A: Absolutely. It might surprise you that the "Heaven-bound" Hezbollah "holy" warriors might concern themselves with such worldly things as money, brand new villas or houses, and new luxury cars, but the fact is Hezbollah members stood to become wealthy from their private 2006 destructive war with Israel. How did this happen? After the confrontations ended, Qatar, Iran, Syria, the United States, and other countries and entities sent very large sums of money to Lebanon to compensate the citizens who have lost their homes and properties during the war. While the average neutral Shia "received from the camel only its ear" as a compensation, the Hezbollah militants constructed new villas and opened large bank accounts with Qatari and other moneys. For instance, the late mayor of Bint Jbeil (Arabic: بنت جبيل), a failed and poor doctor who had graduated from the universities of the late Soviet Union and a former communist who gave-up Vodka and turned to God only after he noticed Iran's money pouring into Lebanon, constructed a villa after the war, purchased a new car, and stuffed his bank accounts in Dahieh with tens of thousands of U.S. dollars. The "honorable" mayor and member of the so-called "Islamic Resistance" (Arabic: "المقاومة الإسلامية") lost two disputed rooms during the war and filed a claim for a three-level building! (BTW, he carried a U.S. citizenship and campaigned for his Bent Jbeil office in Dearborn, Michigan! Surprised? The majority of Bint Jbeilis live in the United States!) Similar versions of the story happened time and again throughout the Hezbollah-infested villages and towns. On top of that, Hezbollah rewarded the Sunni-Muslims and Christians of Beirut for opening their city to the hundreds of thousands of Shia refugees by first occupying Downtown Beirut for one and a half years and killing commerce and then by unleashing the "Lions of Dahieh" (Arabic: "أسود الضاحية") to terrorize, traumatize, and kill the natives of the peaceful city! So much for Hezbollah, the "Party of God!"

Q: Are there "Lions of Dahieh" in the San Francisco Bay Area?

"أسود الضاحية" يقطعون الطرقات وأرزاق الناس في بيروت
The "Lions of Dahieh" (Hezbollah terrorists), wearing checkered pro-Khamenei Basij scarves, cutting-off the roads of Beirut, Lebanon, along with the incomes of their fellow citizens.

A: Yes, there are several still, though unfortunately in recent years we have lost too many of them to Canada, Michigan, Lebanon, and other places.

Did You Know?

Template:Canada Hezbollah Connection

  • Did you know that Canada is one of the largest exporters of Hezbollah Sleeper Terror Cells to the United States of America? (See "Canada" articles!) Indeed, Canada has been so reckless with its handling of its domestic Hezbollah problem, it almost deserves to be added to the State Department's list of terrorist countries.
  • Did you know that not all the followers of Absolute Velayat-e Faqih are Iranians and Lebanese. Through the multi-ethnic seminaries of Qum, Iran, and the distribution of so-called "Clean Money" (Arabic: "المال النظيف") the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime has been able to market, rather sell, itself to Iraqis, Bahrainis, Saudis, Omanis, Yemenis, Pakistanis, Indians, Afghans, and many others.
  • Did you know that the average Iranian is poor and does not appreciate what his government is doing in terms of spending his/her national moneys to promote Velayat in foreign countries!
  • Did you know that the average Shiite-Lebanese is poor and does appreciate what the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih regime is doing in terms of spending the national money of Iran to payroll him/her. Thus, the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime has successfully transformed almost an entire community in a foreign land into a Faqihi mercenary-for-hire to be paid with "Clean Money" and monthly adrenaline-rich mega shows led by Hassan Nasrallah. BONUS: Every year or two, Sayyed Hassan does unleash the "Lions of Dahieh" (Arabic: "أسود الضاحية") on the Sunnis, Druze, or Jews, so that the "Shabab" (Arabic for "Young Men." Arabic: "الشباب") can experience a greater and more prolonged adrenaline rush! And beware: Such events are not open to every one; only "At'har an-Naass" ("The Purest People") can participate in the games of the neo-Roman Emperor (hmm, that's Western) or rather the local Shah (Farsi for king. Farsi: شاه) -- Shah is more appropriate (no need to offend any Faqihis by bestowing a Western title on them) -- who reports directly to Shahenshah (Farsi for king of kings. Farsi: شاهنشاه) Ali Khamenei in Tehran, Iran.

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