Tweets From the Trial of Rafic M. Labboun

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Twitter accounts to check out

For tweets from the Grand Jury trial of Rafic M. Labboun (case # CR-09-00058-RMW), please check out the following Twitter account:

  1. Tweets:Trial of Rafic M. Labboun by Counterideology (Counterideology @ Twitter: Jury Selection)
  2. Tweets:Trial of Rafic M. Labboun by SoftwarUS (SoftwarUS @ Twitter: Trial - Day 1)
  3. Tweets:Trial of Rafic M. Labboun by UWSAH: United We Stand Against Hezbollah (UWSAH @ Twitter: Trial Day 2 and Day 3 and Verdict)

On Thursday, April 1, 2010, 10:00 AM, a federal Grand Jury found Rafic M. Labboun to be guilty of seven counts of bank fraud. According to court testimonies, SABA Mosque's former imam ran a complex international bust-out scheme using his credit cards and bad checks.

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  • Tweets from the trial of Rafic M. Labboun (U.S.A. vs. Rafic M. Labboun; case number: 5:09-cr-00058-RMW) have been posted on various Twitter accounts. Please seek the hashtag #labboun to follow the trial and the case.

General glossary

  • #labboun: A Twitter hashtag used to link tweets from the trial of Rafic M. Labboun.
  • ACLU: The American Civil Liberties Union.
  • America: A great but morally declining country that can be summed up with one sentence: E Pluribus Unum (Latin for Out of Many One).
  • Al-Hajj: See Hajj.
  • FBI: Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • Fed: Slang. a federal official or law-enforcement officer.
  • G: An abbreviation for government. Can be used to refer to employees of Uncle Sam.
  • Google: The best Internet search engine ever.
  • Gov: An abbreviation for government.
  • Hajj: An Islamic honorific used to address the Muslims who have performed the pilgrimage to the Holy Cities Mecca and Medina in Arabia.
  • Khamenei: Ali Khamenei. A deceitful Iranian demagogue of Turkic stock who has been stealing the wealth of the great Iranian peoples while building weapons of mass destruction and fostering terror organizations throughout the world (especially in Dhahyeh, Lebanon).
  • Khomeini: Ruhollah Khomeini. A mean-spirited bloodthirsty embittered Persian jerk who terrorized the world and caused the demise of millions of Muslim lives before he drank poison and died.
  • Lebanese Brad Pitt, The: A notorious international businessman and member of the Bay Area Shia community; he hails from Baalbek, Lebanon.
  • Lebanese Obama, The: Rafic M. Labboun, as described by a Fed.
  • Lion of Liberty, The: The Sacramento-, California, based ACLU activist and attorney Mark Reichel.
  • Sam: Is Uncle Sam: A fictional character used to personify the U.S. Government. Sam is the nickname for Samuel, a male Hebrew name. Originally Shemi'El: The Name of God.
  • w/ : With.
  • w/o: Without.
  • YAW: Yet Another Witness.