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America's Bible Belt

Sayyed Hassan, what happened to the "Clean Money?" Yes, "glory, honor, and dignity" are all very, very important, especially for those who, per your admission, lack it, but the mobs want money, plenty of it, too. I guess, this is implied, as with "glory, honor, and dignity," combined with destructive wars of "True Promises" comes truckloads of "Pure Money" from the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime of Iran and the government of Qatar! You know Sayyed Hassan, the desire for "glory, honor, dignity," and money is a very human thing -- thank you for implicitly admitting it -- but neither you or your always-angry mobs are holier than others. Think not that it is only you and your "Purest People" know about God and prayers. Perhaps you ought to visit Washington, DC, the Capital of the United States (check it out with Google Earth, a superb American product): You will be shocked to discover that the city is over-doted with houses of worship. In fact, America also has Bible Belt too, a massive region far bigger than Dhahyeh and Iran combined. God is not your monopoly.