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Sam Bazzi
Sam Bazzi

Sam Bazzi is a technologist, web publisher, and counterterrorism analyst and consultant based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Bazzi is a specialist in application architecture and development. In recent years, Bazzi shifted his focus to open source Content Management Systems (CMS), particularly Drupal, MediaWiki and WordPress, due to his interest in political web publishing.

Shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the United States, Bazzi became highly involved in the efforts to combat domestic terrorism and eventually established the Islamic Counterterrorism Institute. Bazzi utilizes on-line counter-ideology techniques to detect, identify, track, profile and expose domestic terrorists and their supporters.

Bazzi has worked from within the ranks of the San Francisco Bay Area Shia Muslim community since 2002. His efforts to counter the Bay Area Khomeinist elements (Shiite loyalists of the anti-America Iranian regime) and Hezbollah operatives were critical and impacted the local Shiite community profoundly.

Bazzi writes on regular basis about the various religious, social and political matters that affect the Bay Area Shia community. He also works with a variety of relevant counterterrorism professionals and activists. Bazzi's goal is to keep the public very well informed about the all local matters that could impact national security. Indeed, Bazzi considers awareness as the first step in a successful defense.

Bazzi is a staunch supporter of the Syrian Revolution and considers its expected ultimate success to be a huge blow to the Khomeinist Iranian regime's projects in the Middle East and beyond.

Sam Bazzi, United States Army National Guard.
Sam Bazzi, US Army National Guard.

Bazzi has served in the United States Army National Guard between 1988 and 1991. He was a 73C Finance Specialist. Bazzi served at Fort Knox, Kentucky, Fort Benjamin Harrison, Indiana, and the District of Columbia Armory in Washington, DC.

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