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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
أهلا وسهلا بكم في المركز الإسلامي لمكافحة الإرهاب™
Welcome to the Islamic Counterterrorism Center™

"And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." (John 8:32)

Shia Association of Bay Area (SABA; a.k.a. SABA, Inc.; a.k.a. SABA Islamic Center; a.k.a. SABA Mosque; a.k.a. Shia Muslim Association of Bay Area) is a non-profit anti-Semitic pro-Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Shiite-type Islamist organization currently located at 4415 Fortran Ct., San Jose, California 95134. Absolute Velayat-e Faqih is Farsi for the authority, or governance, of the [Faqihi Islamist] jurist (originally from Arabic: Wilayat al-Faqih. Arabic: ولاية الفقيه). This invented false doctrine (Arabic: بدعة) is particularly associated with Iran's infamous anti-America hostage-taker Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini.

المنظر الفضائي والخارطة لمركز سابا في سان خوسه، كاليفورنيا
Map and satellite view of SABA mosque of San Jose, California

Shia Association of Bay Area has been a persistent and chronic attraction to numerous extremist and radical irresponsible speakers. For instance, in a speech at the SABA Islamic Center in San Jose attended by its resident cleric Nabi R. Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi) as well as several SABA trustees, directors, and advisors, an ex-convict-turned-imam by the adopted Islamic name of Abdul Alim Musa openly and boldly prophesized that U.S. President Barack Hussein "Obama shall do greater damage to Islam than George W. Bush," his predecessor. Thus, Musa (a.k.a. "Big Hank") instantly implicitly increased the risks to the life of America's first African- and Muslim-descent president by orders of magnitude!

منظّمة السابقون: دعم علني للإرهاب في حرم الجامعة!
As-Sabiqun: Blatant support for terrorism on campus!
As-Sabiqun was openly and shamelessly promoted at SABA Mosque of San Jose, California. Abdul Alim Musa, leader of As-Sabiqun, was given a hero's welcome at SABA!

In spite of its name, Shia Association of Bay Area represents only itself. It, by no means, represents traditional authentic Shia-Islam or its moderate adherents. For one thing, the grand majority of the Shiites who reside in the Bay Area reject and oppose the pro-Iranian regime and pro-Hezbollah[1] stance of SABA Center and the extreme views voiced by many of its members and visitors. In addition, the indoctrination taking place at SABA mosque is in total contradiction with the explicit instructions of the Eighth Imam, Ali ibn Moussa ar-Ridha, the Trice Blessed, PBUH, who had ordered the Shia of Ahl-ul-Bayt to shun military jihad and ribat until the appearance of the Twelfth Imam, al-Mahdi, PBUH.

عنه عن عدّة من أصحابنا، عن سهل بن زياد، وأحمد بن محمّد جميعا، عن أحمد بن محمّد بن أبي نصر، عن محمّد بن عبدالله، قال: قلت للرضّا، عليه السلام: جعلت فداك إنّ أبي حدّثني عن آبائك، عليهم السلام، أنه قيل لبعضهم: إنّ في بلادنا موضع رباط يقال له: قزوين وعدّوا يقال له: الديلم، فهل من جهاد أو هل من رباط؟

فقال: عليكم بهذا البيت فحجّوه، ثمّ قال: فأعاد عليه الحديث ثلاث مرّات كلّ ذلك يقول: عليكم بهذا البيت فحجّوه، ثم قال في الثالثة: أما يرضى أحدكم أن يكون في بيته ينفق على عياله ينتظر أمرنا، فإن أدركه كان كمن شهد مع رسول الله، صلى الله عليه وآله، بدرا وإن لم يدركه كان كمن كان مع قائمنا في فسطاطه هكذا وهكذا - وجمع بين سبابتيه - فقال أبوالحسن، عليه السلام: صدق هو على ما ذكر.

المصدر: مسند الإمام الرضا، عليه السلام؛ الجرء الثاني؛ صفحة: 218
جمعه ورتبه: الشيخ عزيزالله العطاردي
دار النشر: دار الصفوة، بيروت، لبنان

The top dogs at Shia Association of Bay Area are Sajjad H. Mir and Mohammad Rakhshandehroo. SABA is quite often represented by its point man Mehboob "Bob" Abedi.

SABA Islamic center resident clerics

Syed Mudassir Ali Shah

His legacy is oblivion-proof

The first robed and turbaned imam to join Shia Association of Bay Area as its resident cleric is Mudassir Ali Shah (a.k.a. Maulana Syed Mudassir Moosvi) of Pakistan. Although the SABA co-founders do not acknowledge him, Mudassir remains an undeniable part of the history of their organization. Indeed, he was their religious leader for numerous years. They prayed behind him, kissed his right hand, and collected Khoms and donations for their center when it was on South White Road in San Jose, California, from under the authority of his black turban. While leading SABA Islamist center, Mudassir organized spiritual programs, wrote and executed marriage and divorce contracts, invoked blessing to the new-born, and buried the dead. Mudassir, for good or for bad, cannot be simply written off and thrown into oblivion.

الملا الأول في مركز سابا
مدّثر علي شاه الموسوي
The first imam at Shia Association of Bay Area
Syed Mudassir Shah Moosvi

If any thing, the big players at Shia Association of Bay Area and Mudassir Ali Shah have proven two incredibly important yet elemental points: i) Shia clerics, both traditional and Faqihis, can dress to impress but are by no means infallible or special; and ii) their unhappy followers, when free and protected (say, by freedom-guarding police departments, FBI special agents, U.S. Army soldiers, U.S. Navy sailors, and mighty Marines -- and no one is mightier than the Almighty God), can and do get rid of them (the clergymen) without hesitation or second thoughts.

طاغية طهران معتمرا عمامة الإرهاب
علي خامنئي
The Tyrant of Tehran wearing the Turban of Terrorism
Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei

CONCLUSION: i) His eminence Maulana, Vice-Mahdi, Supreme Leader, Vali e Faqih, Seyed, Hajj, Allamah, Mujtahed, Grand Ayatollah, Mujahed, Imam, Dr. Ali Khamenei is by no means infallible or, in spite of his very long list of astonishing and mind-dazzling titles, special; and ii) the great peoples of Iran have the right to get rid of the selfish and oppressive dictator just like the overseers and members of SABA Islamic center got rid of their first resident cleric. Unfortunately, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Basij thugs are there in Iran not safeguard their countrymen but instead to violently protect the rule of False Mahdi Ali Khamenei and his well-paid gangs and forcefully sodomize their opposition. Contrast this with the situation in "Greater Satan:" The armed services of the United States are here to protect the freedom and liberty of the average citizen and prevent tyranny. For this, the rogue among the mullahs of Qom, Iran, issued their relatively gracious verdict: "Death to America!"

"الموت لخامنئي" -- الشعوب الإيرانية
"Death to Khamenei" -- The Peoples of Iran

Rafic M. Labboun

At the top of the food chain: A leader among leaders

Upon the forced exit of Mudassir from SABA Islamic association, Rafic M. Labboun replaced him as an interim imam. Labboun, who is known among his numerous Khomeinist followers as "Hajj Rafic," is not a turbaned and robe-clad cleric; however, he is widely thought to be able to put most of the formal clergymen in his "tiny pocket." In other words, he is far more effective than the majority of the professional clerics who can dress to impress. For one thing, Rafic can speak fluent and proper English (but with a Lebanese accent). Also, Arabic is his native tongue, as he was born and raised in Dahieh, Lebanon. More importantly, he is relatively well-rounded and understands the multi-dimensional cultures of the United States. "Hajj" Rafic is married to an American woman. He is also a mathematician who carries a degree from the University of California, Berkley (Cal), one of the top five universities in America. Rafic M. Labboun is highly connected in the pro-Absolute Velayat-e Faqih communities in Lebanon and across the United States. Indeed, Hassan Nasrallah, the infamous leader of the terror organization Hezbollah, and Rafic resided together in the same highly protected building in "Secured Square" (Arabic: "المربّع الأمني") in Dahieh (Haret Hraik district), Lebanon, for numerous years.

إمام مركز سابا المجرم المدان رفيق لبّون
The imam of Shia Association of Bay Area
Convicted felon Rafic M. Labboun

"Secured Square," a restricted area in Dahieh, is home to the Hezbollah leadership. It is tightly guarded by thousands of experienced and battle-hardened terrorists including suicide-bombers. It is there where Hezbollah operatives deployed throughout the world, including the United States, are controlled and invasions and major terror operations are planned. One thing is for sure: Michaele and Tareq Salahi could never crash a party hosted there by Hassan Nasrallah and Imm Hady (Hassan's primary wife) even if Michaele switches from a sexy Indian sari to a modest Iranian chador and Tareq puts on a Qommi-style turban. (Is Tareq a syed? If so, he can make a claim to a bold black turban. Otherwise, he would have to settle for a dull white one!) Indeed, the U.S. Secret Service can learn a lesson or two from the bodyguards of Hassan Nasrallah and his boss Ali Khamenei.

President Barack Hussein Obama with Michaele and Tareq Salahi during state dinner at the White House. At SABA, President Obama was described as one who shall do "a greater damage to Islam than [President] Bush." Hence, the threat to his life was implicitly increased by orders of magnitude!

Speaking of the publicity-hungry duo, we suggest that Michaele and Tareq Salahi travel to Dahieh and drift around while openly holding a video camera. Within two or three minutes, Amn al-Hizb (Arabic for Hezbollah Security) will kidnap and keep them incarcerated until their victim, President "Abu Hussein" Obama, interferes on their behalf with some sort of a nuclear-related sub-deal with the Iranian regime. With this, Michaele and Tareq can be headline news again and even write a book or two about their special experiences with their captors. (Will Tareq play Polo in some underground tunnel with Hassan Nasrallah? The latter is known among his mobs as the "Knight of Lebanon;" however, his opposition considers him to be the "Night[mare] of Lebanon.") But should Hezbollah cling to the infamous couple and keep them as the "special guests" and trophies of Knight Hassan Nasrallah, there is serious doubt that too many Americans will be terribly unhappy about their fate!

Or will President "Abu Hussein" launch a thousand ships to save "Michaele of Dahieh" (by now a favorite concubine in the Harem of Hassan "Paris" Nasrallah) and burn the terror stronghold to the ground?!! General David Petraeus can play the role of Achilles in such a drama. Indeed, it is rumored that he does not get along very well with King of Kings "Agamemnon Obama!" (War hero Petraeus might challenge his boss for the presidency on a Republican ticket; therefore, he is kept at arms-length in the White House.) Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei, you guessed it right, is King Priam. Imad Mughnieh is reincarnated in his own body to play the role of Hector but only to be slaughtered by David "Achilles" Petraeus, signaling the eminent fall and destruction of Dahieh! But before the drama ends, Paris Nasrallah manages to slip a suicide bomber through a minor loophole into the very well-guarded headquarter of Achilles Petraeus...

On January 12, 2009, while Labboun was at the San Francisco International Airport (SFO) on his way back to Lebanon after a brief two-week visit to his Faqihi followers in the Bay Area, he was arrested by FBI special agents and charged with bank fraud using credit cards. Upon his arraignment on January 16, 2009, Labboun pleaded NOT GUILTY.

On April 1, 2010, a Federal Grand Jury found Rafic M. Labboun to be guilty of seven counts of bank fraud. According to court testimonies, SABA Center's former imam ran an international bust-out scheme using his credit cards and bad checks.

رفيق لبّون: حكم عليه بالسجن
Rafic M. Labboun: Sent to a high security prison

On July 19, 2010, the Federal Judge Ronald M. Whyte sentenced the convicted felon to 27 months of Federal imprisonment, three years probation, and ordered him to pay $102,000.00 restitution to the American banks he had defrauded.

Learn more about Rafic M. Labboun.

Nabi Raza Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi)

Extra pay and extended stay in the South Bay!

In February 2002, Shia Association of Bay Area finally succeeded in identifying and employing a replacement to the ousted Mudassir Ali Shah and the non-turbaned but highly effective Rafic M. Labboun. The directors of SABA Islamic center discovered an obscure Indian cleric by the name of Nabi R. Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi) and hired him on contract basis as its new resident cleric. After their dramatic and sad experience with Mudassir, the remaining SABA trustees were initially very, very cautious and overly sensitive with Nabi Raza. The latter remained quite patient and firmly determined not to waste his once-in-a-life-time opportunity to live and prosper in America (while promoting the Iranian regime, of course)!

نبي رضا عابدي

Nabi Raza was able to pull out of his Qommi-style turban enough spiritual supernatural stories about himself to calm down the traumatized and assure the overly-anxious. He earned extra points by boasting to his employers that he was willing to work without pay. For this, at the end of the day, he got extra pay and extended stay on the southern shores of the San Francisco Bay!

Within two years, Nabi Raza became well-established in the local pro-Absolute Velayat-e Faqih community and among his Khomeinist overseers at Shia Association of Bay Area. His clerical training in Qom paid off handsomely!

"Although it has denounced the United States as the Great Satan and called for Israel's obliteration, Iran has avoided direct military confrontation with either state. It has vociferously defended the Palestinians, but it has stood by as the Russians have slaughtered Chechens and the Chinese have suppressed Muslim Uighurs. Ideological purity, it seems, has been less important than seeking diplomatic cover from Russia and commercial activity with China. Despite their Islamist compulsions, the mullahs like power too much to be martyrs."[2]

Brief Biography: Nabi Raza Mir was born and raised in Alipur, a small primitive and remote village located in Karnataka, India. Alipur is a Khomeinists haven famously known as Karnataka's "Mini Iran." Nabi Raza is a graduate of the seminaries of Qom, Iran, and a dedicated follower of extremist anti-West Iranian leaders Ruhollah Khomeini and Ali Khamenei, the First (Arabic: الأوّل) and Second (Arabic: الثاني) Supreme Leaders of the oppressive anti-American Absolute Velayat-e Faqih Regime. Nabi Raza actively participated in the Khomeinization and radicalization of his infamous hometown. The native language of Nabi Raza is Urdu. He learned Farsi and Arabic in Qom and English in the United States.

روح الله خميني
"Death to America!"
Ruhollah Khomeini

Learn more about Nabi Raza.

SABA Islamic center visiting clerics

Birds of a feather flock together

Over the years, numerous pro-Absolute Velayat-e Faqih clergymen have preached at the center of Shia Association of Bay Area. The list of such clerics includes:

عبد العليم موسى
"Yahuds [Jews] are the enemy of humanity."
Abdul Alim Musa

  • Abdul Alim Musa (Born Clarence Reams; a.k.a. "Big Hank")
  • Asad Jafri
  • Mojtaba Beheshti (That's the one who was jailed, got his Green Card revoked, and was deported back to Iran!)
  • Muhammad al-Asi (That's the one who verbally attacked Ayatollah Sistani and moderate Shias during a SABA summer camp!)
  • Zaki Baqri (a.k.a. Mohammed Zaki Baqri. That's the dude who shouted "Death to Zionism" at SABA on Quds Day, 2008)

And here is the sad, devastating result:

عالم علي مير
Ali Mir (a.k.a. Ishraq Abidi) of Shia Association of Bay Area: "9/11 Was A ZIONIST INSIDE JOB. F--K ZIONISTS. HEZBOLLAH[1] -- Take The Gun And Fight the Zionists [i.e., Jews] and the Nawasib [i.e., Sunni Muslims]." Ali Mir is the son of the SABA in-house mullah Nabi R. Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi) and Gulshan Zahera.

Saba Academy

SABA Academy is the madrassa started by Shia Association of Bay Area to foster extremism and promote Khomeinism among the unfortunate children of its misguided members.

خمينيو سابا
The Militant Khomeinists of Shia Association of Bay Area
Notice the misguided SABA youths shamelessly sporting pro-Iranian regime Basiji scarves while praying at the San Jose City Hall Plaza or parading in Downtown San Jose!

Learn about Saba Academy.

History of Shia Association of Bay Area

SABA has a long history in the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly San Jose. More soon insha'Allah.

Website of Shia Association of Bay Area

On November 15, 1996, Shia Association of Bay Area purchased the domain name and established a website for its South Bay-based center. While the acronym SABA is easy to figure out, some might mistakingly associate the intriguing "IGC" in the organization's dot-org domain name with IRGC: Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. In fact, there is no direct relationship between the two acronyms, but in case you were wondering, IGC stands for "Islamic Guidance Center." Of course, this would be SABA's version of Islamic guidance, as unfortunately there exists numerous types, flavors, and offshoots of Shia-Islam. For instance, there are Alawis (Alavis), Azalis, Babis, Baha'is, Druze, Faqihis (Khomeinists), Fatimids, Houthis, Ismailis, Khawarej, Zaidis, and much, much more. Even some of the Sunni sects are offshoots of the Jafari (Shia) school of thought, for Abu Hanifa and Malik ibn Anas, the founders of the Hanafi and Maliki Sunni sects, were students of the Sixth Imam, Jaafar ibn Muhammad as-Sadiq, PBUH.

السيد علي محمد شيرازي، المسمى "باب" من قبل البهائيين
Siyyid Ali Muhammad Shirazi, otherwise known as Bab by the Bahá’ís

Many of these groups make worldly claims to Islam but miss its fundamental essence, which is goodwill and unlimited mercy towards humanity and God's creatures. Unfortunately, the Faqihis have preoccupied themselves with the pursuit of power and destructive weapons so that they can forcefully impose their will on mankind.

The international outreach of SABA Islamic center

Coming soon insha'Allah! But in the meantime, enjoy this video clip:

ملالي ولاية الفقيه في إيران
The Mullahs of Absolute Velayat-e Faqih in Iran

Shia Association of Bay Area vs. United States of America

On Monday, June 25, 2007, Shia Association of Bay Area sued the United States Government.

Case Information
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Plaintiffs:Shi'a Association of the Bay Area, Nabi Raza Mir, Syeda Zahera, Ahmed Mir and Ali Mir
Defendants:Michael Chertoff, Alberto Gonzales, Emilio T. Gonzalez, Christina Poulos and Gerard Heinauer
Case Number:5:07-cv-03328-JW
Filed:June 25, 2007
Court:California Northern District Court
Office:San Jose Office

2112 Robert F. Peckham Federal Bldg. & U.S. Courthouse
280 S. First Street
San Jose, CA 95113-3002

Telephone: (408) 535-5364
County:Santa Clara
Presiding Judge:Hon. James Ware
Referring Judge:Magistrate Judge Patricia V. Trumbull
Nature of Suit:Other Statutes - Other Statutory Actions
Cause:28:2201 Constitutionality of State Statutes
Jurisdiction:U.S. Government Defendant
Jury Demanded By:None

SABA center and Alavi Foundation

The undercover investigative journalist Lee Kaplan discusses with Zia Atabay of Los Angeles-based NITV the connections between Saba Islamic Center of San Jose, Alavi Foundation of New York, and the Absolute Velayat-e Faqih regime of Iran.

Shia Association of Bay Area maintains a very close relationship with the Iranian Regime-controlled Alavi Foundation of New York, NY. SABA has sought and received funds from Alavi Foundation, including US $500,000.00 as a long term loan.

Alavi Foundation

Dr. Mohammad Rakhshandehroo is SABA's point man at Alavi Foundation.

Organization of Shia Association of Bay Area

Initially Shia Association of Bay Area was governed by one Board of Directors. However, after moving to its larger new center, SABA, Inc., reorganized into three boards:

Legal and financial information

The Silicon Valley-based Shia-type organization has a relatively large budget due to the higher level of income of Bay Area residents. Indeed, SABA mosque prides itself for regularly offering four "PARALLEL" programs (in Arabic, English, Farsi, and Urdu) during the Ramadan and Ashoura seasons!

  • Entity name: Shia Association of Bay Area
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN): 770050810
  • Address: 4415 Fortran Dr, San Jose, CA 95134
  • County: Santa Clara County, CA
  • Ruling date (approximate year when founded): 2001
  • IRS type: 501(c)(3) - Public charity: Religious, educational, charitable, scientific, and literary organizations...
  • Legal basis for public charity or private foundation status: 10 - Church
  • NTEE: X99 - Religion-Related NEC
  • Most recently completed fiscal year: 12/2006
  • Gross receipts: $1,100,847
  • Total assets: $5,565,867

Notes and references

  1. 1.0 1.1 Hezbollah (Arabic: "حزب الله"; a.k.a. Hizbullah; a.k.a. Hizballah) is an international terrorist organization based in Lebanon. Hezbollah has operatives stationed throughout the world, including the United States and Europe. For more information, please see: What is Hezbollah?
  2. After Iran Gets the Bomb | James M. Lindsay and Ray Takeyh | Foreign Affairs | March/April 2010

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