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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
أهلا وسهلا بكم في المركز الإسلامي لمكافحة الإرهاب™
Welcome to the Islamic Counterterrorism Center™

From SABA with love: The next American generation from the anti-America association

Saba Academy is the madrassa schooling project started by Shia Association of Bay Area (SABA), the infamous pro-Hezbollah[1] Khomeinist Islamist anti-Semitic organization based in San Jose, California. The SABA madrassa and the SABA mosque are conveniently co-located, which permits SABA's in-house and visiting extremist mullahs to indoctrinate the pupils with Khomeinism both inside and outside the classroom.

المنظر الفضائي والخارطة لأكاديمية سابا في سان خوسه، كاليفورنيا
Map and satellite view of Saba Academy of Saba Mosque, San Jose, California


The present and former imams of SABA Mosque include, among other, Syed Mudassir Ali Shah, Rafic M. Labboun, Mohammad Rakhshandehroo, and Nabi R. Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi).

أغنية "يا رفيق": شاهد بنفسك قول الزور!
Ya RAFIC: See for yourself the FRAUDULENT product of the SABA community! Also see Ya RAFIC Lyrics.

Mudassir Shah and his supporters were forced to leave the discredited organization they had helped develop due to severe problems with the top dogs at SABA Islamist center. Led by Sajjad H. Mir, the SABA overseers replaced Mudassir with Rafic M. Labboun, a Hezbollah Islamist activist from Dahieh, Lebanon.

Labboun remained as the in-house imam at Shia Association of Bay Area until it discovered Nabi Raza in 2002.

خمينيوا سابا
SABA Basijis @ Husayn Day "Peace" Walk
Khomeinist mullahs: They went astray and they lead astray!

The Khomeinists of Shia Association of Bay Area misguide very young children by making them wear Basiji scarves, symbols of militancy and loyalty to the oppressive anti-American Iranian regime, during their so-called Husayn Day "Peace" Walk! Yet, SABA calls itself a GUIDANCE center! So much SABA and its guidance!

Several months after Nabi was hired, Rafic left SABA Islamist center and relocated to Dahieh, Lebanon, only to run a major international credit card bust-out operation. Imam Rafic M. Labboun was eventually caught by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and found guilty of bank fraud by a Federal Grand Jury on April 1 (Fool's Day), 2010. His trial took place in San Jose, California.

The Mission of Saba Academy

  • Mission of the Khomeinist madrasa: "Our Mission is Serving Humanity by Raising Future Leaders of High Moral Character through Educational Excellence."

خمينيو سابا
Basijis of Shia Association of Bay Area
The Khomeinists of Shia Association of Bay Area during their so-called Husayn Day "Peace" Walk! Notice the misguided SABA youths shamelessly sporting pro-Iranian regime Basiji scarves while marching in Downtown San Jose!

شاهد بنفسك راديكالية وتطرف عبد العليم موسى
Witness the radicalism and extremism of Abdul Alim Musa

Jumanah Albahri: A Student Leader on a Mission!
Through "educational excellence," Jumunah Imad Musa Ahmad Albahri (Arabic: جومانا عماد موسى أحمد البحري) was raised as a "leader" of "high moral character" whose "mission" is to "serve humanity": As an excellently educated Muslim Student Association (MSA) leader Jumanah stood openly and publicly for anti-America master terrorist Hassan Nasrallah (yet another sayyid) and the worldwide extermination of all Jews! As such, she served humanity quite well. Jumanah's high moral character enticed her to be unhesitantly candid about her mission. For that, we hail the imam (or maulana if you will) and other demagogues who have intoxicated her mind, alienated her from her fellow Americans, and unleashed her on a quick mission of instant self-destruction. Indeed, it took the very proud daughter of Imad Albahri (Arabic: عماد البحري) only three minutes and 29 seconds to tarnish the image of Islam, humiliate the Muslims, and undermine the Palestinian cause. Congratulations!

As we always say, "Behind every wicked terrorist, there is a wicked mullah!"

So much for serving humanity at Saba Academy!

Flyers distributed by Abdul Alim Musa @ SABA

Ex-convict Abdul Alim Musa distributed the following abhorrent flyers to the misled members of Shia Association of Bay Area, including very young kids:

عبد العليم موسى
"Yahuds [Jews] are the enemy of humanity."
Abdul Alim Musa

Sad but true!

Notes and references

  1. Hezbollah (Arabic: "حزب الله"; a.k.a. Hizbullah; a.k.a. Hizballah) is an international terrorist organization based in Lebanon. Hezbollah has operatives stationed throughout the world, including the United States and Europe. For more information, please see: What is Hezbollah?

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