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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
أهلا وسهلا بكم في المركز الإسلامي لمكافحة الإرهاب™
Welcome to the Islamic Counterterrorism Center™

"Death to Zionism" -- Mohammed Zaki Baqri in a speech @ Shia Association of Bay Area (SABA Islamic Center)

Zaki Baqri (Legal name: Mohammed Zaki Baqri; a.k.a. Maulana Zaki Baqri; a.k.a. Moulana Zaki Baqri; a.k.a. Zaki the Zhaki) is an Indian Khomeinist anti-Semitic extremist imam extraordinaire based in Toronto, Canada. Like the infamous Nabi R. Mir (a.k.a. Nabi Raza Abidi) of Shia Association of Bay Area, Zaki was born and raised in Alipur, the backward ultra-Khomeinist town located in Karnataka, India. In fact, the notorious duo are relatives as Nabi Raza is married to Zaki's niece, Syeda Zahera (they engage in consanguineous marriages in that bizarre town!). Both Faqihi mullahs are also supposedly syeds (so they claim!), as such they are cousins who belong to the global Banu Hashim clan, of whom rogue members are openly seeking to terrorize, dominate, and rule the world (think: The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Banu Hashim ©)!

Tiny supreme leader Zaki Baqri and the ruling mullahs of Alipur with a picture of genocidal murderer Ruhollah Khomeini behind them.

Zaki Baqri the Supreme Leader

Contributor from Alipur: "it [Alipur] has the supreme body who rule the alipur anjumane jaffriya and all the work will done under anjuman and ulmas know the supreme leader of the alipur is moulana zaki baqri saheb." --

Editorial note: In the end, to the black-turbaned Khomeinist clerics, it all boils down to "supreme leadership!" So much for the rogue mullahs and their turbans! The mind is an ornament, as they say...

Like Nabi Raza and so many other Khomeinist mullahs, Zaki seeks to be the undisputed Supreme Leader of the geographical areas where he is based (e.g., Alipur in Karnataka, India, and Toronto, Canada). This, of course, is in-line with the teachings of his role models and mentors Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and the late Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Supreme Leaders of the so-called Islamic Revolution. As such, every Khomeinist mullah seeks to be the Supreme Leader of one domain or another!

If you are a Khomeinist Shia, do you know who is your local Supreme Leader?

المنظر الفضائي والخارطة لقرية عليبور، كارنتاكا، الهند
Map of Alipur, Karnataka, India
Notice the Imam Khomeini Road snaking through the eastern side of the village

Zaki Baqri the Demagogue

"القائد الأعلى" في قرية عليبور
محمّد زكي باقري
The "Supreme Leader" of Alipur, Karnataka
Mohammed Zaki Baqri (a.k.a. Zaki Baqri)

According to Zaki's website, his "credentials are quite impressive, but what gives him a special place in [the Toronto Khomeinist] community is his unique awareness of both the eastern and western cultures along with their value system."[1] Hence, Zaki understands that no one will arrest or even question him when he "courageously" shouts "Death to Zionism" at Saba Mosque of San Jose, California; however his violent announcement might make him look sort of brave (falsely of course) in the eyes of the naive and very simple. In the meantime, we can congratulate his eminence Allamah Hojat-ul-Islam Hajji Syed Mohammed Zaki Baqri, who lives off donations (he is yet another Khums collector does not have to find a corporate job and work with non-Muslims), for getting his excited fans and fired-up followers on the terrorist watchlists!

المنظر الفضائي والخارطة لمركز سابا في سان خوسه، كاليفورنيا
Map and satellite view of SABA mosque of San Jose, California

Obviously, the problem with Zaki, Nabi, and their likes is that they may proudly claim to have "awareness" about Eastern and Western (and Southern and Northern) cultural values, but in reality such misguided and misguiding dudes have an astonishing deficit in self-awareness. You see, in the science of intel (short for intelligence), you set-up the top dogs who make up the peak of the targeted social pyramid as security sponges or magnets, if you will. You unleash the top dogs and let them loose and watch them from a distance: Whomever are attracted to the top dogs are the elements you are anxiously seeking. You then observe the circles of those who hang around the top dogs to identify the deeply dormant cells (the sort of terrorists that don't go to the pro-Hezbollah Khomeinist mosques)...

روح الله خميني
"Death to America!"
Ruhollah Khomeini

Bravo to Zaki and Nabi and the Saba Mosque board members for their thoughtfulness and wisdom! By the way, the amazing Alipuri duo (Zaki + Nabi) can definitely make excellent role models for the students of Saba Academy (madrasa really) of San Jose, California!

Zaki is Zhaki

In conclusion, we certainly can say that Zaki Baqri knows how to play the mobs from a safe place and therefore Zaki is incredibly Zhaki (Arabic for smart. Arabic: ذكي)!

People associated with Zaki Baqri

The followings are the names of the Khomeinists who assist little "Supreme Leader" Zaki Baqri run his center in Toronto, Canada:[2][3][4]

Map and satellite view of the Council of Islamic Guidance center

Some of these Khomeinists like to be called "Syed": Got Khums? The Shia-types of the Indian Subcontinent have wholeheartedly adopted the caste system of their Hindu ancestors and like to distinguish themselves from others by using "master" as their given names -- this is suppose to give them an ego boost! Have a good laugh! Indeed, there are more so-called Syeds in India and Pakistan than there are Arabs in the entire Hijaz, Saudi Arabia!

Interesting enough, these Khomeinist dudes all "play roles" in the so-called council of tiny "Supreme Leader" Zaki. (Can't you write "are entrusted with the following responsibilities" instead of "play?") It really boils down to playing with people's lives there with shouts of "Death to Zionism" and "Death to [God knows what]..." all a la Khomeini style... I mean, no one is stupid around, we all know that with "Death to Zionism" there is also "Death to to the Jews" and "Death to America" and "Death to ... [a lot of people...]" Wake up ZouZou (Zaki), your wishful thinking is not gonna help you much! But what might really help you and your likes and improve the quality of your lives is to keep your poison inside your hearts, if you know what I mean, ZouZou...


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