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J. William Tincup
Principal/Owner, Starr Tincup
Dallas/Fort Worth Area


About Me…

My tombstone will read "harsh but fair" – no doubt. I’m a seasoned entrepreneur and a sophisticated marketer. I’ve made thousands of mistakes in being both an entrepreneur and a marketer. Like most people, I try to learn from all my experiences – good, bad and ugly. I cut my teeth in retail – Albertsons and Wal-Mart. I spent eight years in school earning three degrees to find that I was virtually unemployable. Thus, I’m an entrepreneur for life.

To learn more about me, visit http://www.starrtincup.com/

If you use other social networking applications - Doostang, Naymz, Spock, and/or Facebook - invite me and/or check me out. Lastly, check out my human capital vendor blog - JPIE - www.jpie.com

About Our Firm...

Starr Tincup is a B2B marketing agency for human capital firms. We help our clients market smarter! Our scope of services includes planning, research, infrastructure, and programs. Starr Tincup is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Truth is – we provide world-class B2B marketing for human capital firms. We’re a boutique marketing agency that focuses exclusively on the human capital marketing. We know the buyer of these services better than any firm in the world. Talk with us and we’ll prove it to you. We have a great client list, wonderful employees and we’re fun to be around.

Below is a series of links to learn more about us and what we do for a living...

- Website @ www.starrtincup.com - Blog @ www.jpie.com - Newsletter @ www.theoriginalpickle.com

If you’re a human capital firm, visit our website and give us a call. We won’t disappoint.


Marketing Planning, Consulting, Training, Marketing Research, Campaign Testing, Pricing Research, Market Segmentation, Marketing Infrastructure, Data Management, Sales Technology Implementation and Integration, Marketing Technology Implementation and Integration, Dashboards, Marketing Programs, Internet Marketing, Direct Marketing, Advertising, Event Production, Event Promotion, Webinar Production and Promotion, Creative Design, Internet Public Relations, Content Development, Web Development