Celebrating 22 Bahman

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Celebrating 22 Bahman

By Jahanshah Javid

January 7, 2010

This year February 11 [22 Bahman in the Persian year] will be a very special day.

The [Faqihi] regime will find it hard and embarrassing to deploy a large number of security forces on a day when the nation is supposed to celebrate the anniversary of the glorious revolution. But embarrassment has never stopped these thugs, so prepare for the worst.

To scare the opposition off the streets, a number of innocents will be executed in advance. This will bring joy to the bloodthirsty supporters of the regime. But it will have the opposite effect on the masses at large. It will radicalize the protests more than what was witnessed on Ashoora.

In recent months the people have reclaimed and reinterpreted all the occasions this regime has held sacred:

  • On 13 Aban, "Marg bar America" ["Death to America"] became "Marg bar Roosiyeh" ["Death to Russia"].
  • On [so-called] Qods Day, cries of "Na Ghazeh, na Lobnan, jaanam fadaaye Iran" ["No Gaza, No Lebanon, I Die for Iran"] drowned "Marg bar Israel" ["Death to Israel"] slogans.
  • On 16 Azar, the people did not commemorate students killed during the Shah's regime but instead highlighted worse crimes committed by the [so-called] Islamic Republic, and
  • On Ashoora, [the Tyrant of Tehran Ali] Khamenei was crowned as our modern day Yazid, [may God curse him eternally].

And now we are approaching the holiest of holy days, the anniversary of the unholy "Islamic Revolution." The people will celebrate alright!

Article source: Celebrating 22 Bahman | Jahanshah Javid | January 7, 2010 | Iranian.com

Note: In the Bay Area, 22 Bahman is celebrated at Shia Association of Bay Area (SABA).

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