Seyyed Mojtaba Beheshti

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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
أهلا وسهلا بكم في المركز الإسلامي لمكافحة الإرهاب™
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Mojtaba Beheshti is one very, very sad story. He is the son of the late Ayatollah Ali Beheshti who was a moderate traditional Shia scholar based in Najaf, Iraq.

Mojtaba Beheshti's main problem is that he is a mindless troublemaker who lacks self-awareness. He used fraud to obtain Greed Card and used it to access the United States several times each year. While in America, Mojtaba traveled throughout the country from one state to another. He visited the various American Shia centers and collected tons of cash and filled up his bank accounts.

مجتبى بهشتي في مركز سابا حين كان في سانتا كلارا، كاليفورنيا
Mojtaba Beheshti at SABA Islamist Center when it was located in Santa Clara, California.

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